Creativity always thrives from the touch of inspiration

What we do

We are a not-for-profit music and art fund based in North West UK. Founded to help the artists, the crafts people, the makers, the builders and the music scene we love, thrive and grow in a world of ever increasing banality. Oh, we love ethical, and people who are commited to their artistic dreams.

Who does it

Diverse backgrounds across the creative arts, along with an endless passion makes us unique in every sense.

Who are we anyway?

Meet the team who drive the vision.



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The partners we collaborate with

The Samsara Collective Red LAntern Records

The bands, and artists, we work with and help

The Far North Mobius Loop Rick Jones Art and Illustration The Fireflys The Weasel Kings

What people are saying

  • Ian and the team at Analog have been instrumental in The Far North's evolution as a band. Making what started off as a side project, into a fully fledged vehicle for the music I've always wanted to write and perform. Without them I wouldn't have been able to launch The Far North - it wouldn't have been achievable, but they have made it all possible.

    Lee, The Far North
  • The Analog guys made the whole process very easy, no egos to fight and the artist is given the space and support to realise their creative potential.

    Munki, The Weasel Kings
  • Thank you Ian, you are such an inspiring and influential being, sending you lots of Love from us all! xXx

    Alex, Mobius Loop
  • Ian who?

    Tom Waits, USA
  • Would you like salt and pepper on your chips?

    Su, The River Queen, Chester

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